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1Where can I buy Lake Industries products?
Lake Industries products can only be purchased through an Authorized Lake Industries Distributor. To find an authorized distributor near you, call our customer service department toll free at (800) 261-4501 or go to
2What is the price of a cookware set?
Lake Industries is proud to offer multiple brands of lifetime warranted cookware and prices for our cookware sets will vary based on both the brand and the size of the set. For a range of available sets and pricing, contact an Authorized Lake Industries Distributor near you.
3I found your products on ebay. Should I buy them there?
Only at your own risk. Authorized Lake Industries Distributors sell our products direct to the end user, either by in-home demonstration or at home shows and fairs...never on ebay or similar auction sites. Ebay sellers are not Authorized Lake Distributors and, as such, all warranties would be void for any such transaction.
4My alkaline water ionizer is not working properly. What now?
Most issues with alkaline water ionizers are minor and only require a quick fix. Consult pages 23 and 24 in your Operation Manual for troubleshooting tips. If the problem persists, call our customer service department at (800) 261-4501 and we’ll be happy to guide you from there.
5What is your return policy?
Each of our Authorized Distributors have different return policies. If you wish to return your products please contact the Authorized Distributor whom you purchased from and they will be able to answer any return policy question.
6I started using my cookware but everything keeps sticking. What am I doing wrong?
This can happen if the range top heat setting is too high. You’re not doing anything wrong, you’re just adjusting to a new method of low heat cooking for which there is typically a short learning curve. Consult your “Quick Start Guide” and remember that “medium to low is all you need to know”. Once you’re ready to turn down the heat, make sure that it is to the lowest heat setting available on your range.
7How do I get a replacement knob or handle?
Knobs and side handle are covered under the lifetime warranty you are only responsible for the shipping cost of the replacement knob or side handle. To order replacements please visit

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